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What is tim?

  • TIM is a supercluster including twelve science parks and clusters with presence on three continents, North America, Asia and, Europe. The Secretariat is based in Lund, Sweden.

  • TIM vision: To bridge clusters and science parks by leveraging expertise in international alliances to improve ecosystems and peoples’ health and wellbeing.

  • TIM members focus on life sciences including but not limited to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic as well as e-health, nanotechnology, functional food, and related business support services.

The history of tim

Twins’ International MultiHelix (TIM), founded in 2016, is a non-legally binding supercluster covering ten life science clusters and science parks in nine countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. TIM is part of the MultiHelix AB based in Sweden. TIM’s vision is to bridge clusters and science parks by leveraging expertise in international alliances to improve ecosystems and peoples’ health and well-being. 

TIM focuses on life sciences, including but not limited to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, digitalization, diagnostics as well as e-health, nanotechnology, functional food, and related business services. The coordination of the cooperation is performed by a joint secretariat based in Sweden. All partners are working in a multihelix format with multiple stakeholders from the business sector, the healthcare sector, and the academic world. At TIM, we accelerate the development of and access to innovative solutions by fostering new collaborations and facilitating the exploration of global challenges like providing active and healthy aging to the elderly. Furthermore, working in a multihelix approach creates a strong synergy for innovation and job opportunities, supported by a vibrant and robust ecosystem of incubators and accelerators. We believe this leads to a long-term win-win solution for the partner regions’ health and economy.

Get to Know the Tim Members 


Sherbrooke Innopole

Sherbrooke Innopole supports industrial and technological entrepreneurs on the route to success.

Sherbrooke Innopole is the paramunicipal economic development organization for the industrial and high-value-added services sectors in Sherbrooke. It is funded by the City of Sherbrooke through the Economic Development Coordination Office. With the mission to accelerate the development of companies from the five key sectors: advanced  manufacturing, cleantech, life sciences,  Quantum and Information Technology, and Micro-Nanotechnologies. 

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Slovenian innovation hub 

SIH is active in strengthening collaboration with partners between businesses, academic environment and other organizations in the innovation ecosystem nationally and abroad to create critical mass and synergies needed for successful breakthrough in international environment,organizing regular meetings in vast areas and scopes of interest for the members.

SIH initiates and implements projects and programs for developing specific areas of innovation and encouraging the use of the key enabling technologies for the industry of the future.

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Great Britain 

Life Sciences Hub Wales

Life Sciences Hub Wales is here to help propel inspiring life science innovations into frontline use in health and social care in Wales. The team works as a dynamic interface that supports industry, health and social care organisations and academic institutions who share the same goal: using new ideas to manage, avert and prevent poor health. 

Life Sciences Hub Wales relationships with key academic institutions mean access to testing and research is made simpler. That means when innovators approach, they can help shape ideas to make them most relevant to an end user.

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CSG - Galician Health Cluster 

We are a non-profit public private professional collaboration platform that includes industries and institutions related to the Galician health field in a broad sense.

 We seek to build synergies that allow to optimize their competitiveness and improve people’s lives. 

Our main purpose is supporting innovation for the co-creation of solutions that improve people’s wellbeing.

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Action innovation network

ACTION Innovation Network is a collaborative network of technology business incubators and other entrepreneur support organizations. Together they promote the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, share resources and best practices, and contribute to economic improvement. The network of incubators provides resources and a hub in which entrepreneurs, business leaders, government agencies, community leaders, investors, universities, and other interested organizations can collaborate.

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Medicon village

Medicon Village offers an environment where world-class research, innovation and societal development meet to benefit human health and society.

Medicon Village offers a dynamic platform for informal meetings to promote networking, knowledge-sharing, and social interaction. It also provides professional networks, projects, programs, events, and other arenas to nurture ambition, innovation, and the will to innovate and contribute.

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goco - health innovation city

GoCo Health Innovation City is the new life science district in Gothenburg with a vision to create a new context that attracts researchers, entrepreneurs, and talent from around the world. The new city center will not only focus on the physical location but will invite to an inspiring environment and a community to accelerate health innovation. Today, GoCo Health Innovation City is in full construction. The 21 000 square meter large signature building GoCo House opened in February 2023. GoCo House is a multi-tenant building designed for collaboration and spontaneous meetings between people with plenty of social areas.

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shonan ipark

Shonan iPark is Japan's first pharmaceutical-initiated science park, established in April 2018 when Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda) opened its then in-house research center to outside organizations. It aims to become a place where industry, government, and academia from a wide range of industries and sizes can come together to accelerate health innovation. Shonan iPark is currently home to about 150 companies and more than 2,000 people (as of April, 2023) from not only pharmaceutical companies but also next-generation medicine, cell agriculture, AI, government, and other fields, forming an ecosystem.

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BioVille opened its doors in 2010 as a breeding ground for start-ups and growing companies active in life sciences. The goal was to assist starting and growing health & care companies by offering them flexible spaces and customized support services. In addition, BioVille was part of the Limburg ambition to make life sciences one of the key sectors in the region.

In 2020, the DigiHub was also built, focusing on companies active in digital health. Currently, more than 30 companies and more than 120 colleagues are based at BioVille. The focus is mainly on health & care, biotech, medtech and digital health.

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Super ecosystem

SuperEcosystem bring together ecoystems, clusters and development service providers of Pohjois-Savo region to create a SuperEcosystem with national and international visibility and appeal. SuperEcosystem boost the revenue and market share growth by creating an operational model that supports both ecosystems and companies in their development and business growth intentions.

Members of the SuperEcosystem have formed around their core competencies, which include bio & circular economy, business & entrepreneurship, digitalization, energy, food & agriculture, health, machinery & materials and water. Discover the actors behind the topics and read more by clicking or hovering over the sectors below!

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Health Campus Limburg DC

Health Campus Limburg DC is building the future of healthcare by stimulating collaborations, entrepreneurship, innovation and valorization. As such, Health Campus Limburg DC work towards a more qualitative healthcare system.

Located in the east of Belgium, in a knowledge intensive European region, the Campus functions as a magnet for companies, health and welfare providers, research and education. Health Campus Limburg DC are strongly committed to establish communities between these players. By doing so, we stimulate ties between business and governments, education, health institutions, care and welfare providers and citizens. Consequently, Health Campus Limburg DC is a hotspot to do business, to innovate and study.

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Hong Kong 

Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park 

Boasting its unprecedented strategic location in Lok Ma Chau Loop, Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park is the one-of-a-kind I&T park conjointly tied to Shenzhen.

Harnessing the expertise and talents from both cities, Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park takes advantage of the unique, synergistic development of "One Zone, Two Parks" equipped with supportive government policies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and pioneering research facilities.

Vision: The world's knowledge hub and I&T centre where the best talent congregate, where the future is visualised and innovative technological solutions for tomorrow's problems are developed and tested.

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